The Best Computerized Telescope – Choosing a smart one!

The Best Computerized Telescope – Choosing a smart one!

Computerized Telescopes

Computerized Telescopes for amateurs of astronomy, beginners or experienced stargazers have meant the simplification of their tasks in searching stellar objects.

Previously the first telescopes were made with different materials that did not facilitate their use, portability and most importantly did not provide results as reliable as they are now. In contrast, with the implementation of this technology, it is not necessary to manually locate deep sky objects.

How does it work a motorized telescope?

A computerized telescope works like any traditional telescope, with the exception that they have a computer with a GPS system, which allows you to search for celestial objects without the need to do it manually and without the help of a celestial map.

There are two types of computerized telescopes: Motorized and Non-Motorized.
They have electronic devices connected to a GPS system, the difference is that the motorized telescope uses a mounting system called GoTo mount, which has an electronic motor that makes the telescope move horizontally and vertically. Therefore, a GoTo Telescope makes the automatic location of objects without physical intervention, since they are remotely controlled from a tablet, laptop or phone.

In contrast, for non-motorized computerized telescopes, it is necessary the intervention of an operator who manually locate a point under the computer instructions.

As a point of attention, GoTo models are more popular, even though non-motorized models tend to be cheaper.

Computer Telescopes for sale – Summary Table

Celestron NexStar 6 SE - Computerized Telescope
Celestron NexStar 6 SE

  • Database with 40.000 objects

  • Sky Align Technology

  • Deluxe Accesory Kit

Orion 10134 SkyQuest - Computerized Telescope
Orion 10134 SkyQuest

  • Database with 42.000 objects

  • Quick and Easy Assembly

  • Starry Night software identifies what you are looking at in the sky

Orion StarSeeker IV 130mm - Computerized Telescope
Orion StarSeeker IV 130mm

  • Database with 42.000 objects

  • GoTo Hand Controller

  • Wide-field 60° eyepieces

  • Great for beginners

Levenhuk SkyMatic 105 GT MAK Telescope
Levenhuk SkyMatic 105 GT MAK

  • For astrophotography and planetary & deep-sky observations

  • Database with 42.000 astronomy objects

  • Compact and lightweight

Orion SkyQuest XT12g GoTo Dobsonian Telescope - Computerized Telescope
Orion SkyQuest XT12g GoTo Dobsonian Telescope

  • Easy Assembly & Easy Use

  • Database with 42.000 objects

  • GoTo Hand Controller

Celestron NexStar Evolution Series 6 - Computerized Telescope
Celestron NexStar Evolution Series 6

  • Compact & Portable

  • Wirelessly Control

  • Database with over 120.000 objects

Computerized Telescope Buyers Guide

First of all, this tool can be found in the market with different names, among which we have:

  • Computer driven telescopes
  • Computer controlled telescopes
  • Smart telescopes
  • Automatic Scope
  • Motorized Telescopes
  • GoTo Telescopes
  • Non-motorized Telescopes

In addition, there are similarities in the choice of a computer telescope and telescopes for beginners, these are the factors to evaluate:

Aperture for GoTo Telescopes

The main factor in the choice of telescopes for sale, since it defines the quality of the image offered. It is usually expressed in millimetres although you can also find it in inches.

A greater aperture’s diameter will allow a greater entry and collection of light, with which you will be able to observe in greater detail faint or blurred objects.

Focal Length

The focal length will define if your angle of view will be wider or more narrow.

Telescope Types

You have three options: Refracting telescopes that are ideal for observing the moon, the planets and stars. Reflectors are good for observing galaxies, nebulae and star clusters. Compound telescopes are very good for astrophotography and all kinds of observations, are the best option of the three, but the most expensive.

Telescope Mounts

There are many options: altazimuth mounts, Dobsonian mounts, and equatorial mounts. As far as motorized telescopes are concerned, there are GoTo mounts.


The more features a bigger and heavier telescope will have, It is important before buying it, to verify that it is compact and light enough to move it to wherever you want.


The computer control panel is user-friendly? How extensive is it the database? The more user-friendly your software is and a big database, the more pleasant and fun your observations will be.


Perhaps the most important and limiting factor in how to choose a telescope, the more expensive its benefits will be higher.

Advantages of computerized telescopes

These magnificent tools have the following advantages:

  • Despite the existence of endless objects in our universe, the specific location of some of them is not so simple, much less if you are a beginner.
  • Less search time unlike a telescope with manual operation.
  • By having a database, you can know objects that you may not have known.
  • Your GPS system will avoid the need for lengthy data entry.
  • They are relatively simple to operate, so you do not need a lot of technical knowledge to enjoy a computer controlled telescope.
  • They are a default choice if you live in a city or under light polluted skies, due to the difficulty of locating reference stars, that allow then locate other objects

Cons of computerized telescopes

Despite the enormous advantages of Computerized Telescopes, there are certain things that could make your experience negative:

  • Not manually locating the objects in the sky reduces the possibilities of learning the different facets of astronomy.
  • A non-motorized and a GoTo telescope is probably not for all users since not everyone is comfortable with electronics and computers.
  • Computer-driven telescopes are not budget-friendly, they cost more than a regular telescope.
  • They require energy which means that you would always need a source of power to use it.

Final notes about buying a Computerized Telescope

Computerized telescopes are a great help for thousands of beginners to get started in astronomy, as well on experienced stargazers.

If you want to take your observations to another level and at the same time feel like an expert (despite having little or no experience), we consider that you should buy a GoTo telescope.

Although they are smart and savvy on their own, you have to know the names of two or three bright stars in the sky to help you get a point of reference, then once the mount is aligned you are ready to go.
It’s clear that they come with their own computer, so you do not need to have another one.

Finally, once you try to non-motorized or to Goto Telescope, you will not ever go back to searching for objects the old fashioned way!